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The African Drummers (Culture of Drumming, Dancing, Dressing)


Drumming in Africa is a way to entertain and communicate with their ancestors and gods. The main dominating drum in Africa is the Djembe Drum. It is the drum of people called Mandinka and dates back to 12th century.  It is spread all over the world including Ghana and they play it during weddings, ceremonies of naming a baby, etc. A single piece of shea butter wood and goat or cow skin covering on the top are the main accessories of Djembe Drum. Africans play it with bare hands. Brekete and Dondo Drums have the same shape and they play it with sticks. Dawuro which means “bell” is another supporting instrument to African drumming culture. Normally considered the main instrument as it is leading the Drumming team with giving the signals of start, intervals, speed, and end. The Xylophone has the shape of a piano and enriches the drumming by different tones.


African dances play an essential role in the culture of the tribes. Amazing African traditional dances Kpanlongo, Kete, and FumeFume usually express praise and worship of certain things. Rain, summer, funeral, royal gathering, in pairs or alone, every movement symbolizes something. For instance, spreading both hands into the air during the Kete dancing means greeting the Highest God.


Each African dance has its unique costume. Animal skins, horns, stones. All these accessories give full color and brightness to the combination of dance and song the African Drummers’ show provides us with.



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