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Emirates Park Zoo recognize the critical role that bees play in sustaining plant life and supporting global biodiversity, and we use these activities to raise awareness about the threats facing bee populations. Guests have the opportunity to witness live beehives, participate in guided discussions about bee behavior and ecology, and engage in hands-on experiences related to beekeeping and conservation. 


Through the bee experience, Emirates Park Zoo aim to foster a greater understanding of the intricate web of life and emphasize the significance of protecting these essential pollinators for the health of our planet.


Bee Activity Timings:


Monday to Friday:

Session 1: 12.00 PM - 2.00 PM

Session 2: 3.00 PM - 4.00 PM


Saturday and Sunday:

Session 1: 10.00 AM - 12.00 PM

Session 2: 3.00 PM - 4.00 PM


Note: The availability of sessions are subject to availability.

Book your Bee Experience by contacting or +917-52-9113990.

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